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You deserve to get treatment from your personal physical therapist to help you achieve your maximum mobility and function. Your goals may be to walk 10 feet or 10 miles, or sit for 8 minutes, or sit for 8 hours. Each of us have the ability to enjoy life to its fullest and we are here to help achieve your goals.

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Let's talk and see how we can help you meet your physical therapy goals. We offer many services including wellness consultation, injury prevention, ergonomic assessments, and treatment for injuries from head to toe. If you have 5 minutes schedule a complimentary consultation

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Initial PT Evaluation Visit

Comprehensive Evaluation | inquire for pricing

Lets get to the source of the problem. The Initial Physical Therapy visit includes a range of motion and strength assessment, sets your treatment goals, and your treatment plan which may include the prescription of a targeted home exercise program, manual therapy to restore mobility, and options to reduce short term dysfunction with the use of massage, dry needling, cupping, electrical stimulation, and kinesiotape. A summary of the evaluation will be sent to your physician of choice as required by Illinois direct access law.

PT Treatment Visits

Includes any treatment option that is recommended after the PT Initial Evaluation Visit and includes: dry needling, massage, manual therapy, electrical stimulation, cupping, taping, ergonomic assessment, exercise prescription and much more.

We are an Out-of-Network provider and offer a variety of treatment and package plans to suit your needs. (inquire for pricing)

Wellness Visits

Not currently experiencing any injury or immediate concern, but you would still like to work with a Physical Therapist to update your exercise routine post injury, or discuss injury prevention? We are here to help. The best way to treat an injury is to prevent one from becoming a problem in the first place. Call today to schedule.